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What we do

Conservation is not neccessarily the preservation of a building as it stands. We recognise that anything from a simple repair or general maintenance, to major alteration work, may be needed to allow a structure to continue to be used.

From Quadrennial and Quinquennial Inspections and Conservation Management Plans to repair work, we understand the importance of caring for an historic structure. We ensure that any work carried out is done using the right materials and methods in order to enhance, rather than damage, the historic fabric.

We work with our clients to develop a faesible plan that meets their needs, be it adding toilet or kitchen facilities, increasing meeting space or living accomodation, internal re-ordering, or extension.

We are experienced in and available for:

Planning Applications, Listed Building Applications, and Grant Applications.

Quadrennial and Quinquennial Inspections for individual structures or whole sites.

DAC/Faculty Applications.

Faesibility Studies.

Conservation Management Plans.

Re-orderings, alterations and extensions.

Repairs and alterations.

New buildings in sensitive locations.

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