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St Nicholas, Baulking - Grade I


The nave before work began


The nave after completion of the project

The church wanted to create a community space that could be used to host local events in addition to regular church services. This would require toilet facilities, including a DDA toilet and baby changing facilities, refreshment facilities, vestry and additional storage.

The new facilities were placed at the west end of the church, screened by oak panelling when not in use, resulting in a clean, uncluttered look. The panelling opens up to reveal a kitchenette featuring a concealed sink below a Corian worktop to allow more adaptable use of the space. The use of a pocket sliding door on the toilet provides easy access and allows more room for circulation.

The organ was placed on a gallery on a sliding platform that can be operated by one person. The sliding platform allows more flexible use of the gallery by positioning the organ either at the front or the back of the gallery. A first floor vestry was also created, accessed from the gallery.

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