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All Saints, Wytham - Grade II


Before work began


During completion of the project

The church wanted to undertake a comprehensive interior redecoration of the building. The limewash and distemper finish on the walls was becoming stained and flaky. It was decided that a paint finish would be prefereable to the previous limewash finish as it is easier to apply, and doesn't rub off on contact with clothing. An analysis of the existing finish was carried out in order to select a paint that would be compatible and not cause any adverse reactions. Classidur Traditional was selected for the final paint finish.

As there was some historical photographic evidence of the existence of a banner above the chancel arch, this area was carefully investigated to see if there were any remnants remaining. A complete frieze was discovered, carefully uncovered, and incorporated into the new redecoration.

The project received an Oxford Preservation Trust Award 2019.

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